About Us

ksg about us

The Kenya School of Government (KSG) was established under the KSG Act No. 9 of 2012 (which came into effect on 1st July 2012), as a successor to the former Kenya Institute of Administration (KIA) and the Kenya Development Learning Centre (KDLC) and incorporates the four former Government Training Institutes (GTI’s), Mombasa, Matuga, Embu and Baringo. The KSG was established to provide learning and development programmes to build public sector core competencies and inculcate public service values and ethics within the framework of a devolved system of government for a results-oriented public service.

The KSG – eLearning & Development Institute (eLDi) is one of the six campuses established under the School. The mandate of eLDi is to leverage Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in providing quality and innovative capacity development programmes in furtherance of the KSG mandate. eLDi was primarily established to provide a distance learning approach to capacity building that enables access to information and knowledge from worldwide sources.  eLDi is an affiliate of the Global Development Learning Network, a partnership of over 120 learning institutions in eighty countries around the world that use advanced communication technologies to facilitate learning in support of development.

eLDi is equipped with a state-of-the art information communication technology infrastructure in Nairobi with an operational hub at the KSG Mombasa Campus. The Institute provides a conducive learning environment suitable for its local, regional and international clientele. This is further enhanced by the green, serene and beautiful surroundings of the Lower Kabete area Nairobi, where the School is located.

The overall objective of the eLDi is to develop sustainable human resource capacity through innovative learning solutions that enables global knowledge and experience sharing for improved service delivery and results-oriented public service. eLDi is a demand driven Institution that endeavours to match clients’ demand for training to the most appropriate local or international experts and as a peer-to-peer cutting edge platform, facilitates real-time interaction amongst policy makers from different countries, disciplines and sectors, across national boundaries and time zones

Why work with us


We are committed to acting with Honesty, farness, accountability, and transparency in all our operations.

Customer focus

We conduct needs assessment to ensure that our products and services are relevant and add value to our customers.


Employees of all cadres will stand ethical scrutiny by being committed to high standards of excellence in day to day issues and operations.

Innovation and Creativity

We endeavor to develop new products and services for our clients through continual learning and improvement.

Team Work

We promote respect and unit of purpose among Staff.


The mandate of the School, as derived from the KSG Act 2012  is to provide learning and development programmes to build capacity for a result-oriented public service.


A centre of excellence in public service capacity development leveraging innovative learning solutions.


To sustainably develop human resource capacity and core competencies through innovative learning solutions for quality service delivery in the public sector.