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Video Conference Room

This is where modern technology meets comfort and functionality. The room is equipped with a modern video conference system which is integrated with 2 large display screens which ensures clear visuals during virtual meetings and events. The system also has an adjustable remote controlled high-definition camera that captures every participant with precision. There is also a strategically placed microphone at the central location of the room and 2 speakers which deliver high audio quality. In addition, the room is equipped with high-speed internet connectivity and well-planned lighting setup for adjustable brightness. The room is also soundproof which allows uninterrupted video conferencing experience with no outside distractions and noises. The sitting capacity is 40 pax.

Multimedia Lab

The institute is equipped with a modern computer laboratory, a hub of learning, innovation and technological advancement. The Multimedia lab comprises of high-performance digital desktop computers. The lab also provides an ample space for participants and researchers to work and learn comfortably even for long hours. Every workstation in our computer laboratory is equipped with the latest hardware and software which gives the users an immersive computing experience. The lab is also integrated with high-speed internet connectivity which allows accessibility to online resources, online research and online learning. It is also designed in a soundproof environment which ensures a destruction-free environment. There is adequate lighting and an air conditioning system. The sitting capacity is 50 pax.


The institute is equipped with a prestigious Boardroom with an executive space designed to facilitate productive meetings and strategic discussions. It creates an ideal environment for important decision-making. The sitting arrangement allows for comfortable and equal participation. The room is integrated with a high-resolution display screen strategically positioned for clear visibility from every seat. The screen is connected to a projector which facilitates seamless presentation. The room is also equipped with high-speed internet connection. The sitting capacity is 8 pax.


Field Visit

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